Now that you feel ready to face an unexpected emergency, take the quiz to find out how much you really know. Then, ask your teacher or family to share your learning with us via social media, or let your community know what you’ve been doing so that they will want to become more prepared too.

  1. At what wind speed does the MetService issue a strong wind warning?

    1. 37kph
    2. 57kph
    3. 87kph
    4. 107kph
  2. How fast does the wind have to blow to be regarded as a cyclone?

    1. 80kph
    2. 100kph
    3. 120kph
    4. 140kph
  3. What is the name given to the rising water level as it is pushed ahead of a storm?

    1. Tsunami
    2. Tidal wave
    3. Storm water
    4. Storm surge
  4. Why is New Zealand particularly prone to storms?

    1. It has lots of mountains
    2. It has a long shoreline
    3. It is in the Roaring Forties
    4. It is in the Ring of Fire
  5. Before a storm, why should you tidy everything up outside?

    1. To ensure everything looks neat
    2. So that is will be easier to clean up after the storm
    3. To stop things from flying around in the wind
    4. To assist rescuers
  6. In a storm, why should you open a window on the side away from the wind?

    1. To have a ready way to escape
    2. To allow frightened pets to come inside
    3. To stop the glass from breaking
    4. To relieve pressure on the roof
  7. What is the name of the tropical cyclone which caused over $200 million worth of damage in 1998?

    1. Cyclone Bola
    2. Cyclone Giselle
    3. Cyclone Fergus
    4. Cyclone Drena