Now that you feel ready to face an unexpected emergency, take the quiz to find out how much you really know. Then, ask your teacher or family to share your learning with us via social media, or let your community know what you’ve been doing so that they will want to become more prepared too.

  1. A tsunami is a series of giant waves generated by:

    1. High winds
    2. Stronger than normal tides
    3. Large disturbance on the ocean floor
    4. Storms
  2. Which of the following is a tsunami warning sign?

    1. Water falls back quickly from the beach
    2. Pets and animals act in a strange manner
    3. The weather gets stormy
    4. None of the above
  3. What does the word tsunami mean?

    1. Big wave
    2. Earthquake wave
    3. Harbour wave
    4. Tidal wave
  4. What do tsunami look like in the open sea?

    1. Hardly noticeable waves
    2. Small cresting waves
    3. Huge cresting waves
    4. Huge non cresting waves
  5. What should you do if there is a tsunami warning issued?

    1. Pack your belongings and leave as soon as possible
    2. Head immediately to higher ground or inland
    3. Go down to the shore to check if it is correct
    4. Look for your pets and put them away first
  6. How far apart can the waves of a tsunami be?

    1. There is only one wave
    2. Only a few seconds
    3. Only a few minutes
    4. Up to an hour
  7. How far inland should you go if there is a warning of a tsunami

    1. Go down to the beach to look
    2. One hundred metres
    3. Five hundred metres
    4. One kilometre
  8. How high above the sea level should you try to get if there is warning of a tsunami?

    1. 5 metres above sea level
    2. 10 metres above sea level
    3. 35 metres above sea level
    4. 55 metres above sea level